The CIRCE Foundation is proud to make this classic ocean racer available for day sailing on Lake Washington, sailing orientation and instruction.   CIRCE maintains her status as an active U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary boat, and remains one of the training vessels for U.S. Navy cadets




Launched in 1932 from Lake Union Dry Docks


Length: 62 feet

Mast Height in 1930 - 85 feet Mast Height in 2010 - 68 feet

Decking -  CIRCE teak decking is from a Spanish-American war battleship

Displacement - Circe is 42 tons, 14 tons in the keel below the water line, Draw-  11'-6",

Beam - 14'- 9"


Sail Area - 2,000 feet of working sail


Structural Specifications:

Decking - 2 inch teak on top of 7/8 inch yellow cedar

Deck Beams - 3 1/2" X 3 1/2" on 15" centers

Hull Framing - Seasoned
Indiana white oak on 12" centers
Hull Planking - 2" vertical grain fir BWL, 2' Port Orford cedar AWL

“CIRCE was brand new and without question the finest yacht on Puget Sound. On this, my first ocean race abroad a true offshore racer, I was amazed to feel how light she was on the helm, and how easily she responded to the slightest touch. Canvas sails, wooden spars and few winches by today’s standards made for hard work for the crew. But when Circe heeled to the mounting westerly and shouldered her magnificent way through the Strait of Juan de Fuca, you know you were aboard a true, sea-going thoroughbred.”


CIRCE crew diary entry,

1935 Trans-Pacific Race from Santa Barbara to Honolulu