Circe Restoration

Circe Comes Back To Life

When Stan Keck found the Circe in 1972 ‘the wood was so rotten you could pull some of it off with your hands’ he said.  Payments were due for past due moorage, and she was sinking. Holes were gouged in her sides and she wore a ‘hula skirt’ of moss six inches long. Circe was so badly worn, that when Keck completed the $250,000 restoration in 1983, a new marine survey was completed with 85 percent hull planking and 45 percent of her ribs brand new.


The rebuilt Circe has a slightly different topside look than the original design.  All restoration work was being done as it would have been in the 1930s.   Every plug – some 5,000 on the hull and 7,000 on the deck has been replaced and planking re-caulked with cotton and oakum.


Circe had been one of the fastest clippers of her time, winning many Swiftshure sailboat races and continually placing in Victoria-to-Hawaii races.